Parent Resource Center
The Parent Resource Center is open Mondays through Fridays from 8am to 2pm. Parents are welcome to come in and check out materials. As indicated on the sign outside the door, there may be times during the operational hours that the parent involvement coordinator may not be in the center due to parent meetings, school visits, or other trainings. In which case parents are advised to call the number posted or email Mrs. McClary who will provide assistance upon her return.

The center houses resources that offer support to parents of children struggling in specific subject areas, discipline best practices, ADHD information, character building, self esteem building, family matters, test taking procedures and much more.

The parent involvement coordinator provides support to parents and families by way of accompanying parents to school meetings, making home visits to deliver information and offer support to parents who do not have transportation to come to the center, host parent training opportunities, and all things necessary to build effective communication between home and school.



Wausheka Mcclary

Parent Resource Center